Moment a colossal waterspout is spotted off the coast of Florida’s Panhandle

The moment a colossal waterspout rips through the Gulf of Mexico along the coast of Destin, Florida on Tuesday has been captured on film, revealing a weather phenomena that sent chills down residents’ spines as they passed by it during their morning commutes.

A waterspout is a whirling column of air and water mist which forms when cumulus clouds grow rapidly. They can rise hundreds of feet into the air and have been referred to as tornados on water.

The gigantic funnel was spotted around 7 am ET off the Emerald Coast, in the area known as the Panhandle, and was sparked by intense storms flowing over the Gulf.  

Many residents captured the menacing spectacle, specifically Boo Freeman who spotted the waterspout out in the distance of the sea as he stood on an empty beach watching in awe. ‘What a morning,’ Freeman shared on Instagram with the short video.

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