Meta-mutants! AI’s creepy images of what it thinks humans look like in the metaverse

Artificial intelligence has produced creepy images of what it thinks humans will look like in the metaverse.

Craiyon AI, a popular text-to-image system, created several different pictures of what people might look like if humans all join the metaverse. Each has an augmented reality headset merged with their face. 

A number of tech companies, including Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, are pouring billions of dollars to create virtual worlds where people will be able to shop, work and be entertained. 

The images were first created when The U.S. Sun asked the AI these questions about humans in the metaverse. 

The images come after a different AI that works in the same way produced bizarre pictures of the ‘last selfie ever taken’ that showed apocalyptic scenes of people in front of nuclear blasts, with rotting flesh and total devastation behind them.  

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