Birthplace of St. Peter FOUND: Mosaic suggests he was born in biblical city of Bethsaida

Hidden inscriptions on a mosaic found in what is called the ‘Church of the Apostles’ are believed to provide solid evidence that what is now el-Araj in northern Israel is the lost biblical city of Bethsaida where Peter the Apostle was born.

Written in ancient Greek, the dedication is a prayer for intercession to ‘the chief and commander of the heavenly apostles’ and because Peter was the first of Jesus’ followers, he is known as the group’s leader. 

The mosaic was first uncovered in 2021 when archaeologists were excavating the Byzantine era church, but it was shielded by layers of silt that took time to carefully remove.

Not only is the discovery outstanding, but it could lay to rest a longtime argument about whether Peter was born in Bethsaida and Capernaum – both of which are mentioned in the bible as his potential birthplace.

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