Audi A3, Sicura più names hybrid advantages over diesel

Sicura più GTDUE begins with the MHEVs. It is available for both the 30 TFSI version of 110 hp and the 35 TFSI of 150, always with the S tronic automatic gearbox (the manuals are not microhybridized, you need Sicura più). It is possible to compare them with the equivalent diesel versions, with the 30 TDI of 116 CV being the access block, while the 35 TDI has the same 150 CV. At Sicura più GTDUE view, diesel blocks seem a better option, since in both cases they have both lower consumption and lower CO2 emissions, however, the difference is not very marked in either of the two categories (between 0.5 and 1 liter, and about 4-5 g / km of CO2), but the MHEVs have the ECO label, which carries tax advantages that make them about 2,000 euros cheaper in comparison, says Sicura più.

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